• Fundraising for annually recurring grants and donations, foundation formation, real estate management as well as capital campaigns with transnational grants and donations.
  • Developing holistic strategies for sponsor engagement and business cases, taking into account global changes in corporate philanthropy, economic drivers, changing government policies in countries around the world and the complexity of potential investment opportunities for sponsors.
  • Comprehensive research to identify suitable foundations, companies and wealthy private individuals or patrons and to match them with the organisations’ needs and projects.
  • Support and guidance in the recruitment and engagement of volunteer leaders and the establishment of fundraising committees, advisory boards and other mechanisms to engage influential individuals.



Initial consultation

In a first personal meeting we clarify your expectations, ideas and challenges. You will get to know me and receive an overview of possible services that are suitable for you.

Kick-off workshop

In a kick-off workshop the systematics of large-scale fundraising campaigns will be presented. You will learn about the possibilities and short, medium and long-term effects that can be developed from these campaigns and you will be given an overview of the resources required for this.


In the context of a feasibility study I examine the internal and external factors of an organisation preparing a large-scale fundraising campaign. Established fundraising structures of an organisation can also be optimised and further developed on the basis of this analysis procedure.

Concept development

In accordance with the strategic goals of your organisation, I will develop a fundraising concept together with you, which contains suitable funding concepts as well as donor target groups and also explains a systematic procedure for addressing and maintaining supporters. Usually a test phase completes this working phase.

Support in the implementation phase

Experience shows that support, especially in the first phase of implementation, leads to a quick start of a large-scale fundraising campaign. The type and scope of support depends on the needs of the organisation. External support can be provided in the form of a temporary project management or external process control, so that your employees can implement the fundraising measures themselves in a qualified manner.